2018 Ride Recipients


APRIL 21st, 2018


We Ride! is in support of former Army SGT Sarah Lee and the completion of A Vicious Cycle, her 4,000+ mile cycling journey across America. Last year Sarah set out from Yorktown, VA and began cycling west toward San Francisco, CA.  2,200 miles into her ride, a large truck forced her off the road, causing her to crash and injure her knee near the front range of the Rocky Mountains. In May 2018, she will continue and finish what she started, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by August. She has 1,800 miles remaining and A Ride For The Wounded wants to help make this possible.
Sarah’s mission: “I want to honor my fallen Brothers and Sisters with this journey. I hope to unite or even inspire other Veterans who feel alone or at war inside like I do. And bringing awareness to the fact that we are losing 22 Veterans every day to suicide is specifically paramount.”  Sarah is also in the beginning stages of creating a program in Nashville geared directly toward local Veterans. It will afford group outings such as tent camping, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and other various social activities. “I am determined to complete A Vicious Cycle and adamant about making a real difference for my fellow Veterans going forward. I believe the people best equipped to help us – ARE us,” Sarah stated.
Motorcyclists will meet at Boswell’s Harley Davidson at 9:00 am, located on Fesslers Lane in Nashville, TN. Enjoy some coffee, check out our silent auction items, and grab your 50/50 tickets. We will be riding to Boswell’s Harley Davidson in Cookeville, TN where lunch, drinks, and music will all be provided. After we do the raffle and 50/50 drawings, we will roll out and conclude our ride across town at The Wall That Heals, (the famous Traveling Vietnam Wall) where we can pay respects to our Fallen Heroes. This will make for a very special day…
We will have food, music, raffles, silent auction, and a 50/50 drawing. Food and music will be provided by Boswell’s Harley-Davidson. Pre-registration is $40.00 per bike and includes 1 free event shirt. Extra shirts can be ordered when you register. Day of registration will be $40.00 without an event Shirt.

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To find out more about Sarah and her Journey, please CLICK HERE


 A Ride For Alex!

APRIL 28th, 2018

This is Alex…

Alex Sims was diagnosed with IPEX syndrome in 2016 – an extremely rare autoimmune disease that most doctors have never heard of – with fewer than 200 diagnosed cases. In addition to muscle, joint, skin and digestive problems, Alex developed Type I Diabetes at the age of 2 and has experienced countless hospitalizations due to viral infections.
Alex is in the third grade. He loves reading and really enjoys being at school with his friends. At school, Alex gets to forget about his disease and just be a kid. When he grows up, he wants to be a superhero. Iron Man is his favorite because he has protective armor and nothing can hurt him.
Most IPEX kids die within the 1st or 2nd year of their lives. Alex wasn’t diagnosed until he was 8 years old and has a different genotype of IPEX than other kids did. Doctors are hopeful that with a bone marrow transplant, he will be able to survive IPEX until a cure is found.
There are so many expenses involved with IPEX treatment – extensive hospitalizations, monthly specialist visits, weekly labs, immune-suppressing medication and the bone marrow transplant itself, the costs of which could reach up to $800,000!
In addition to raising the money for COTA in honor of Team Alex, a matching donor needs to be found. There are currently 20,000 people who could benefit from a bone marrow/stem cell transplant and an estimated 3,000 people die each year while waiting for a donor. Donor screening is simple with a through-the-mail cheek swab testing kit. The ideal donor is age 18 to 44, but donors through age 60 may be used in certain cases.
In order to take care of Alex, his dad had to give up his job. COTA for Team Alex needs all of your help. Please share Alex’s story on social media, volunteer to be a bone marrow donor, and donate to COTA today. Every donation can help save the lives of kids like Alex!

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22 Veterans a day commit suicide due to PTSD.

We need to take action, aggressive actions to end this. Pick up the phone, check on your fellow Veteran.
















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